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internet Entrepreneur | Traditional Business Owner | Lucky Husband | FireFighter

 In 2015 I had a conversation with my wife that went something like this: Terri asked me "What the heck are we actually doing with our lives? We're working 7 days a week and nothing else, we don't go anywhere, do anything but work. We aren't making any memories, we don't have any friends and it has to change" I agreed with her, I had canceled fishing trips with my dad because work came first. So we agreed that we needed to find something to "buy back our time". It had to be something consumable, that people use on a regular basis and that could be purchased online because we needed to make money while we slept. 

 We looked at Multi-Level Marketing but was not impressed with the pay vs. the amount of time (which we didn't have) and the size of the organization that had to be built to make any kind of real money. Plus as a whole, they tend to focus on one industry. A couple of months later we were introduced to through an acquaintance. We looked but were skeptical that what we were looking for was truly out there, in fact at this point we were looking into creating our own web based business  (Initial Costs in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars). It seemed like what we were looking for but we didn't want to jump into anything without doing our research. We looked at the business plan a couple more times, looked at the BBB rating, the financial report of the company, talked to some business owners to get their opinion and decided that we were going to launch our own business in July of 2015.

 We haven't looked back since we started our business. We were able to sell half of our traditional construction/landscape business in July of 2016 and actually buy back our time. The upside of an internet business in today's economy is huge compared to the time, overhead and expenses involved with a traditional business. We continue to grow our Franchise and have expanded distribution and created leverage beyond the time that we commit to the business.

 We look to triple our earnings in the next 18-24 months and we're well on our way.

Our Mission

Entrepreneurship is the opportunity in today's economy. I hope you take the time to learn about It is by far the most profitable and stable system available and it's the only business that allows you and your customers to convert everyday spending into earning. Take the time to do your research, view the overview, register for a webinar and get your questions answered. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message at

Here's to your success,

Jeff LaCasse

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